visual haikus surround us in daily life. i extract them with my camera.

i like for the images to be simple, just like literary haikus are. i like their composition to be precise and deliberate. i hope for them to be thought provoking and pleasant to revisit.

all images available for high quality reproductions.

"brilliant, lovely, very nice work".

marita holdaway, the owner of seattle's benham gallery.

"a feeling of composition is a great asset. i think it is very much a matter of instinct. it can perhaps be developed, but i doubt it can be learned. to achieve his best work, the young photographer must discover what really excites him visually. he must discover his own world".

bill brandt

out of line.

monumental in concrete.

facing that.

holding on.

the last freeze.

what now?

starting over.

standing out.

nature's bow.

no longer in zenith.

leaning towards.

ice cubism.

all welcome.



tree and the whimsical element.

once a poster.

old wine bottles with cobweb.

madrona in seattle. early.

one bird.

copper trees.



apartment building with light on.

twilight and the wooden boat.

old laundry pins and the sky breaking.

winter in the marina.

ocean shells in old sweater.

merging with nature.

gathering of birch trees.

nothing more to say.

so what.

bamboo and light.


in seattle.

boats waiting.

last year's autumn leaf.